sigma = Coventry’s Maths and Stats Support team

Most students need mathematics and statistics at some stage of their studies, but for lots of reasons, many find them challenging subjects.

Never fear! Help is at hand from sigma‘s experienced tutors.

If you have problems and need some friendly guidance, you can:

  • Drop in to the Mathematics Support Centre in the Library, or
  • Book an appointment or a workshop for Statistics advice (click the button on the left).

The Mathematics Support Centre is open to ALL Coventry students seven days a week in term time – no appointment is necessary.

Our tutors can handle most maths questions off the cuff but occasionally may have to get back to you later. For specialised topics, including statistics, there are tutors with subject expertise on duty at designated times – see the timetable for details.

Our aim in sigma is:

  • To help students make good any gaps in their background knowledge and get up to speed in maths and stats so that they can get the most out of their courses.
  • To provide a comfortable working environment and face-to-face support that will help students of all abilities and levels of attainment to raise their game and fulfil their academic aspirations.

Our provision is FREE and over and above the normal teaching in departments.

Where to find us

The Mathematics Support Centre is located on the ground floor of the Frederick Lanchester Library. Click here for a map

sigma‘s Maths Support Centre is on the ground floor of the Library
Maths Support Centre
Coventry University Library
Frederick Lanchester Building
Gosford Street
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