The letter ∑σ “sigma”

∑ is the 18th letter of the alphabet, corresponding to our Roman letter ‘s’. It is much loved by mathematicians but more importantly: sigma is the name of the team at Coventry delivering mathematics and statistics support ‘free at the point of delivery’ to ALL Coventry students.

Five important things you need to know about sigma:

  1. sigma is for EVERY student on campus, whatever their course or whatever their Faculty or School
  2. sigma’s Maths Support Centre (MSC) in the Library is open 50 hours, 6 days a week in term time
  3. sigma’s experienced tutors offer friendly face-to-face help with every type of problem involving maths or stats in your course
  4. No appointment is required – just drop in and a tutor will help with your questions as soon as they are free
  5. No questions are too elementary (or even too hard) to bring to the MSC – hard questions may take a little longer

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