Centre Reports

Read our centre reports and feedback on this page. Click on the individual report to open it.

Calculator Surveys

Every October we give away free scientific calculators to first year students in return for them completing a short survey. From this survey we gain valuable information about what our new students want to see from our services and how we can improve.

sigma Calculator Survey 2014 Analysis
sigma Calculator Survey 2015 Analysis
sigma Calculator Survey 2016 Analysis
sigma Calculator Survey 2017 Analysis

Usage Reports

At the end of every academic year, we compile the data from the centre to create a report which shows who is using the centre, when they are using it, and what services they are using. It also allows us to compare how well we are doing year on year and to provide some feedback to our stakeholders on our aims and goals for the forthcoming year.

sigma Mathematics Support Centre Attendance and Usage Report 2014-15
sigma Mathematics Support Centre Attendance and Usage Report 2015-16
sigma Mathematics Support Centre Attendance and Usage Report 2016-17

Biennial Surveys

Every two years towards the end of the second semester, we undertake a detail analysis of our services and invite students who use the centre to take part in a biennial survey. This allows us to obtain valuable feedback from all students, ideas for improvement and ways we can increase our provision even further.

sigma Mathematics Support Centre Biennial Survey Results 2016