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Different resources are available for both particular courses and the different areas of mathematics and statistics. Follow the links below to find the resources you need. If you find any errors or broken links, please email Mark Hodds:



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Books in the MSC

A list of books available for use in the Mathematics Support Centre can be found here: MSC Books 2016-17

Videos and iTunes

Students now have ready access to a wide range of mobile devices, which they use in everyday life, such as smart phones and video iPods. sigma is committed to creating new mathematics support resources that are widely accessible on a number of formats, giving students every opportunity to access them using technology they are comfortable with. Coventry University has become one of the few universities in Europe to distribute multimedia content in conjunction with Apple’s iTunes service, iTunes U. Using this service, sigma has posted videos on the CU section on iTunes which can be used to reinforce or increase your knowledge of mathematics. Simply follow this link to view the sigma videos.

Useful Links

Here are links to useful external resources for mathematics and statistics support:

1. MathCentre
Self-study resources targeted to the needs of your individual courses.
2. MathWorld
MathWorld is the web’s most extensive mathematical resource, provided as a free service to the world’s mathematics and internet communities as part of a commitment to education and educational outreach by Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica.
3. Maths Help: Free on-line help with problems (secondary/college)
The Knowledge Bank has some very good worked examples covering a wide range of topics.
4. Maths Fun Facts
Interesting puzzles and problems from a variety of topics.
5. NRICH Online Maths Club
This is a wide ranging site which includes articles, games and applications of mathematics.
6. GCSE Answers
Excellent for basic maths with good explanations and tests with solutions.
7. MathTutor
To bridge the gap from school to university study, to revise or find the maths topic you missed, you will want to meet MathTutor.
8. MathStore
This is the HEA Subject Centre site which provides students with Facts & Formulae leaflets for different courses and much more.
9. Maths is Fun
This starts off basic but builds to a higher standard in simple steps.
10. Manga High
At Manga High we’ve been working hard to bring out the playful side of maths while ensuring that students get the essential skills to master this important subject.
11. Skillswise
Simple explanations and exercises for basic areas of mathematics.
12. How to design and report experiments (by Andy P Field and Graham J Hole)
A very useful book for those who need help in designing research studies and reporting statistics.

Here are some useful links around campus

Maybe you know some other useful resources? Email Mark Hodds at and we’ll add it to this page.