These worksheets can also be worked through to give a sound grounding in Graphical work. Alternatively, one may be selected and used as a self-contained unit. The worksheets have been created as pdf documents. These sheets are also all available in hard copy to work from within the Mathematics Support Centre by using our touchscreen computers. Please click on the Sheet Number of the sheet you require. 

Sheet Number Title
G1 Introduction to Co-ordinates
G2 Choosing Axes
G3 Straight Line Graphs
G4 Plotting non-linear Graphs
G5 Gradients
G6 y = mx + c
G7 Sketching Graphs 1
G8 Sketching Graphs 2
G9 Asymptotes and Rational Graphs
G10 Graphs of Rational Functions
G11 Graphs and Simultaneous Equations
G12 Solving Equations by using Graphs
G13 Exponential and Logarithmic Graphs
G14 Trigonometric Graphs